Why You Should Visit a Yoga Festival

A week later and I am still running off the high from Wanderlust Tremblant.

If you haven’t heard of what Wanderlust Festivals consist of, they are celebrations of mindful living all across the world. Having started in the USA, the festivals are now held all across North America and Australia. People of all ages and backgrounds regroup during the event for one common goal, to experience the magic that is Wanderlust. Yoga and meditation classes with amazing teaches for all style of yoga, music concerts that will leave you dancing all night, inspirational talks and adventure will all be waiting for you when you attend a Wanderlust weekend.

I first attended Wanderlust Tremblant last year as a attendee. The experience you feel at these sort of festivals leaves you with knowledge and moments that will last you a lifetime. Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to attend many classes as I was working behind the scenes on the Festival but that didn’t stop me from having an interesting time.


The main reason why I love attending yoga festivals is the community. You can show up in a town, or even a country, that you have never been to before and know nobody and after your first yoga class you will end up with at least two new festival bff’s. It really gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to meet and practice yoga with new people. If you are used to your own little yoga clique it will definitely push your boundaries. The fact that yoga festivals are held all over the world gives you the excuse to buy a ticket somewhere exotic and solo travel.

If you are a seasoned yogi or a yoga teacher, attending a festival will also give you the chance to network an meet other like-minded people. Weather it is for growing awareness, establishing your personal brand, or selling a yoga product; there’s no place more conducive to doing so. The power of doing such things face-to-face rather than on social media is a lot more conducive for collaborations to happen.DSC_0535

As you are meeting tons of new and inspirational people you will be also learning new perspectives on life. A large variety of diverse teachers and attendees will help boost our collective creative energies. You will get the chance to talk and practice with people you might never get to meet if you never left you normal yoga studio.

Attending a yoga festival makes you realize how yoga can expand us spiritually and focus our energy on the things that really matter in life: love and kindness. So weather you are new to yoga, someone who practices regularly and everything in between, there is something for everyone to experience and learn at a yoga festival.

Is there really any better way to spend your time than investing in your own personal growth and having an amazing time all at once?

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