Your TIFF Survival Guide

The Toronto International Film Festival is by far one of my favourite times of the year. And with the busy festival season fast approaching, I spent yesterday planning my coverage, getting ready and making sure everything is in line for the busy week ahead. But whether you’re a festival veteran or embarking on your first season, it’s always important to plan ahead to make sure the next two weeks go as seamlessly as possible. So, today, I thought I’d share with you my top three tips to survive the week.
Tip 1: Get your beauty routine down to 10 minutes or less. I know this sounds daunting, but it will be a lifesaver when you are running from press junket to premiere to party. Keep only the essentials (like a great eyeliner like the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick eyeliner, the perfect red lipstick from Guerlain, Cargo Mascara and my Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Compact Foundation) with you at all times for quick touch-ups on the go. And make sure you take care of all of your grooming needs before hand. I dropped by WAXON Waxbar yesterday to make sure my eyebrows were in check for the busy week ahead! Waxon Waxbar Tip 2: Outfit prep for every day of the week The days during TIFF are LONG. You’re up early in the morning and out until later in the evening to cover the array of events in store during the festival. So figuring out what you’re going to wear for the week will help you save a lot of time during it. Although your looks might shift, think ahead of the different events you have a plan out a few dresses to pick from or separates you can mix and match in a flash. For those looking to turn heads, Clementine’s Luxury Resale is home to an array of upscale designer dresses that will get you red carpet ready for a flash. Or, for a more affordable option, Rent Frock Repeat is a service that lets you rent stunning dresses for the week! Looking for the perfect piece of jewellery for your red carpet affair? Than look no further than Archives that houses unique and statement pieces that are bound to leave an impression with all of the a-listers.  I dropped by Le Chateau to pick up my festival essential pieces to turn heads without breaking the bank! I can WAIT to unveil my red carpet ready outfit at the Toronto Life Most Stylish party to all of you on the blog!

Tip 3: Don’t try and do it all.
In our world there are a few things that will always be constant. The sun will always rise in the morning and set at night and there will always be another TIFF season. So on that note; don’t try and squeeze it all in and spread yourself too thin. Take it easy and enjoy the movies, experience the parties and take advantage of those coveted dinners out. And if you miss a party? No big deal. They’ll be back again next year and what better time to try something new!


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