Your Winter Hair Survival Guide with Rob Pizzuti

As the seasons change, your look should too. The days are shorter, the wind is colder and the way you wear your hair should reflect this as well. Hairstyles are fundamental in the way they can transition your look from fall to winter. The way your hair frames your face can help brighten up your look on even the coldest of days. With over 20 years in the industry, working as the Director of Backstage/Hair & Make-up at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, Miss Universe Pageant (2012) and being feature on CTV eTalk segments, Rob Pizzuti has become an industry leader at the forefront of the world of hair. We sat down with master hairstylist Rob Pizzuti who gave us all of the tips and tricks to help your hair survive this harsh season!


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When it comes to colour, Rob Pizzuti always likes to see what will suit his clients and help bring out their best features. The next time you’re sitting in the salon chair and looking to switch things up for the winter months, pick a colour that will compliment and give warmth your winter skin tone. This season’s hottest hair colour tones are warmer amber’s and golden walnut’s that will give the hair a warm base for this season. Add dimension to straighter hair with layers and highlights to give your look a more multi-faceted glow.



Curly hair is in major need of a little TLC this winter so don’t be afraid to add a ton of moisture into your hair! Rob Pizzuti recommends regularly treatments to help keep your curls bouncing all season long. Because of the natural volume and shape with curly hair, don’t be afraid to be a bit more daring with your colour with hue’s ranging from bold reds like cranberry and pomegranate to sandy beiges. He also recommends using an ombre technique to disperse highlights in your hair when you need it as curls never fall the same way twice.



Looking for different ways to wear your hair this winter? Rob Pizzuti took us step by step through some of his favourite styles of the season teaching us how to work with the texture and shape of our natural hair as it his mantra that “the best version of yourself is you.”

Look 1 for Straight Hair: The Carla P Curl

1. Section the hair into two ponytails (one on top of the other) with silicone elastics. Divide the hair at your eye line into these ponytails so that the curls, when finished, will naturally frame your face and create layers in the hair that add more volume.
2.Mist the hair with heat protection spray and wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron to create twisted waves. Leave the ends of the strands of hair straighter (by not clamping the hair into the curling iron) to create a more imperfect curl. Make sure you are spraying the hair with heat protection you go to set the hair as it cools.
Untitled3. Break the elastics (to not ruin the curl) and let the hair fall freely. Shake out and fluff the curls to give your hair natural volume with beautiful big waves. Touch up any curls to help frame your face and spray your hair with a sea salt spray and voila! Drop dead gorgeous big waves in 5-10 min !
For variation on this look, play around with the curls by pinning them loosely to the side for a different shape.
Note: This look will also work with hot rollers. Set the hair with your roller and removed with they are fully cooled. But remember to never have your curling iron or any tool with a heated element hotter than 250 degrees. The excess heat will not affect the ability for your hair to take the curl, as it is all about letting the hair cool off properly that will set the curl.

Lorena’s outfit is from Jennifer Torosian’s Fall Winter Catalogue

Look 1 for Curly Hair: Big Curls

1. Start your curly hair look from wet to create a fresh new look with your curls.  After your wash your hair gently squeeze out any excess water that may dilute the conditioning treatment. Detangle your curls and apply a nourishing leave in conditioner treatment from root to tip to keep your hair healthy and feeling supple. Rinse the hair out slightly until the hair feels slippery (not slimy) to help maintain the moisture in your hair.

2. Twist your hair into small section with your finger to help change the shape of your curls so that they will fall evenly.  Set the pattern for the curls in your hair so that it will keep its form when you dry it. Use products like a curl mousse or cream curl control to lock in the moisture into the curl and add weight to the ends of the hair for a longer looking curl.

3. In sections, dry your hair with a diffuser. With curly hair, it is important that your dry the hair exactly how you would like it to fall. Lean over your bathroom counter so that the hair falls into the diffusers and then raise the diffuser to collect the entire curl from the ends up to the root. Never upside down unless you want a giant afro!

3. Finger brush out all of the curls when finished and voila! Big, bold and beautiful hair!
UntitledCaleigh’s outfit is from Jennifer Torosian’s Fall Winter Catalogue

Look 2 for Straight Hair: A Twisted Up Do

1. For this look you will be creating a roping look with your hair by twisting the hair in small sections and pinning the hair off to the side. Leave out the section at the front, as you will use this piece at the end to wrap around the twist at the end and cover up the area with extra hair and hide any folds in your hair.

2. Use your curling iron to shape the hair that has been pulled off to the side. Feel free to leave pieces of the hair out of the side ponytail to create and elegantly disheveled look.

3. If you are looking for a cleaner shape to the hair, panel the hair from the ear forward and wrap the hair up. Secure the hair in a loose bun with pins. Rope the rest of the hair into this bun, piece by piece, to build on this look.

Note: Try using a slowly drying hairspray to help get ride of the wispy pieces of hair (also know as baby hairs) at the front of your head. Loosen up any pieces at the back with a tail comb to add a touch more volume and ta da! You’re ready for an evening out with hair that won’t move!

UntitledLorena’s outfit is from Jennifer Torosian’s Fall Winter Catalogue

Look 2 for Curly Hair: A Sleek Ponytail

1. Blow-dry the front area of your hair (or bangs) smooth from the ear forward and pin the hair back.
2. Twist the rest of the hair inwards and pin in the centre to secure the roll.
3. Leave the hair out in a voluptuous curly ponytail!

UntitledCaleigh’s outfit is from Jennifer Torosian’s Fall Winter Catalogue

Winter Hair Tips

Save on water and save your hair this winter by not washing it so much. This will help maintain the naturally oils you hair generated to protect itself from harsh winter weather. Rob Pizzuti’s “must-have” winter essential products to help your hair survive the cold are (1) a great dry shampoo in either a power (better for fine hair) or spray (perfect for curls) and (2) a great sea salt spray that goes on wet and give your hair grip, volume and texture that will last the whole day long!

For straight hair, try these steps to keep your hair looking fresh all week long! When needed, use a light dust dry shampoo to freshen up your hair.
Day One: Blow dry it naturally and wear your hair straight.
Day Two: Switch it up with the curly look above.
Day Three: Keep it classy with a low ponytail with yesterday’s waves.
Day Four: Wrap the hair in a classy side bun.
Day Five: Wash and repeat this cycle again!

For curly hair, it is tough to get that same bounce for multiple days as your hair naturally absorbs moisture much quicker. Try alternating your washes with different products to help regulate your hair.
Day One: Wash your hair fully with a good conditioning treatment.
Day Two: Rinse your hair well with a conditioner only.
Day Three: Use a spray dry shampoo and pin your hair up into a loose bun.
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